What is my.engage.gp?

my.engage.gp is a portal for you to manage and configure product settings provided by Engage Health. One account per surgery can be created.

my.engage.gp Sign up

Visit https://my.engage.gp/register

Fill in your details and click submit. You will be emailed a password.

Encompass LT Account Creation

Once logged into https://my.engage.gp you will see your Engage Health products.

Under Encompass LT click the Staff button

Here you can create Encompass LT accounts for staff members

In the Staff email box type the staff members NHS email address.
Tick the box User Can Accept Messages
Type the staff members name in the Staff display name box
Click Add

The staff member will receive an email to set a password.

EMIS web Configuration

You will need to login EMIS web, ensure you have rights to access EMAS manager.

Click the EMIS symbol, System Tools then EMAS Manager 

Click Partner API then locate Encompass on the list above. Highlight Encompass by clicking on it, then click Activate Application

Click Edit Users


Locate the user(s) on the list. Click on the box and you will be prompted to create a password.
After entering the password, press OK.
This is known as an API password and you will not be prompted for it in the future.

Click Login Access

Locate the user(s) on the list. Tick the boxes for Auto Login and Allow Login then click OK

What is Vixie?

Vixie is a browser, much like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. Just like a browser, you are able to run Encompass LT (https://lt.psf-live.co.uk). The advantage in using Vixie is that it's designed to integrate with your clinical system (EMIS, SystmOne, Vision). As such, you are able to verify and link patients who have completed an Engage Consult request and attach this request to their clinical record.

Deploying Vixie

We recommend storing Vixie on your shared drive. This way only one file will need downloading and updating in future.

Right mouse click, select New, then select Folder

Name the folder Engage Consult

Download and save the following file in the newly created Engage Consult Folder on your shared drive.


Right click on Vixie.exe and select Create shortcuts here

Right click on the new Vixie shortcut, select rename and call it Encompass LT

This shortcut can be copied and placed on the Windows desktop of any staff member that needs to use Encompass LT.

Configuring Vixie

Vixie settings are configured on a per user basis. Settings are stored in the Windows roaming profile folder in a file called user.xml.
If for example, Tom Jones logs on Windows and configured Vixie, when Tom next logs onto Windows using a different computer, his settings in Vixie should carry over.

Double click on the Encompass LT icon on your desktop to launch it.
When Vixie launches for the first time, the Settings box will appear.

In the System drop-down menu, select EMIS web.
Type your EMIS Site Code number
Click the OK button

An EMIS web Activate New Partner Product box should appear.
Type your EMIS username and password. This is not the API password or your smart card password.
Click Activate Product

If successful, you should see the following box confirming that the Product has been activated.

Vixie should now say Connected to EMIS. This means integration with EMIS is functional.
The configuration of Vixie is now complete. You can login Encompass LT and start using it.