We have some exciting Engage Web news to share!

The team here at Engage Health Systems have been looking at ways to improve our products and services, and as a business, we have made a decision to focus on our core products - Engage Consult and Engage Touch.  We have been searching high and low for a new website partnership; a company who shares the same ethos and approach to support and excellent customer service as us. Today we are excited to announce a new partnership with Practice365. 

Who are Practice365?

Your practice website can reach and connect to more patients than it ever has before. Practice365 gives you the tools to do it. With a website from Practice365, your practice has the tools to manage demand, improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. For more information and to learn more about your new website provider, please take a look at their website, it's full of really useful information - https://www.practice365.co.uk/. 

So what does this mean for you?

Your website contract with Engage Health Systems is due to be renewed soon, don’t worry, we will work closely with the team at Practice365 to ensure a smooth transition from Engage Health Systems over to them.  We will migrate all the content for you, to a new easy to use, NHS look and feel website and send regular updates on progress.  You don’t have to do anything at all, we’ve got this!

Cost and timescales

Practice365 will take over billing on your renewal date, and are happy to lock in the price you currently pay - this will be fixed for the lifetime of your contract; guaranteed. This represents a minimum saving of £96 per year! 


What’s next


We get cracking and send your details to the team at Practice365


In the next two weeks

You’ll receive a welcome email from Practice365

We’ll send you an update on progress

During August

Practice365 will migrate your website content to your new site, and manage the switch for you. You’ll get the opportunity to review your new site before it’s made available to patients. Practice 365 takes over all Engage Health Systems websites and will be in touch with regular updates


23rd  -  Website accessibility requirements come into force for existing websites
By the end of September - your new look website is live and fully supported by Practice365

Useful things to know

  • Practice 365 shares our approach to support by either supporting you with your website queries or they can offer a full service and do it for you - whatever is best for you and your practice

  • Accessibility is WCAG AAA compliant

  • Replicates all the features of your current website and much, much more

  • Full training, coaching and check ins are offered

  • Suitable for groups and federations

  • Suitable for English, Scottish and Welsh practices

  • If you would like to speak to us about opting out of this service, please get in touch with michael.wong@engagehealth.uk

That's it, you don't have to do anything else. If you have any questions during the switch please send an email to support@iatropartners.co.uk.