Following certain major updates it may be necessary to manually update to the latest version of the Engage Consult Desktop App.

To do this you will need to download the latest version of the Client from

(Note the download will be called Vixie.exe)

The latest version will, by default, save itself in your downloads folder 

From here you will need to copy Vixie as below:

We recommend creating a new folder titled "Engage Consult" on your PC's C drive:

When you create a new folder you'll be prompted to name the folder, we recommend calling it "Engage Consult"

Double click to open the new folder, then paste Vixie.exe into the folder.

Once you've created the folder and copied Vixie.exe into it, you'll need to create a desktop icon as shown below.

You will now have the latest version of Vixie on your desktop.