Display Technology

If the Touchscreen is not fully displaying the image fully i.e it's off centre, you can press a button combination to realign it.

On the back of the touchscreen you will see 7 buttons as illustrated below. (Dismounting Instructions can be found here)

Please press these lightly with a pen or paperclip in this order: B > A > A > C > C

Once this is complete, your screen will have realigned and can be used straight away.




Crystal Displays

A handful of screens use the Crystal Displays AD Board, this is a strip across the top of the back-plate.

In order to realign the screen, you want the Tool menu and reset position. 

Left to right, 1 to 6:

Press the combination 6 > 4 > 4 > 6 > 5 > 5 > 5 > 6