Touchscreen Management Console Configuration

Open your Touchscreen console by clicking the Engage Touchscreen, or Touchscreen Console Icon.


Navigate to the Clincal Tab

Under Appointments System, select SystmOne


In the Settings section type:

  • Gateway Host -
  • Gateway Port - 40700


Click the Save & Publish button.

If you have more than one Touchscreen, click the Publish To All Screens

SystmOne Installation/Configuration

Go to the Screens tab and click Screen Share
A new Window should open with a remote view of the Touchscreen


Click anywhere on the Touchscreen and then press the ESC key on your keyboard.

It should say Escape key pressed Engage terminating


Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Engage Health Systems\Engage Touch or if it's been installed for a long time c:\program files\wiggly-amps\touchscreen

Locate and double click the Third Party folder

If this folder doesn't exist, you will need to download SystmOne using this link

Double click SystmOne.exe to start the installation


Click Next

Enter your practice serial number or just the generic SystmOne install key:


Click Next


Untick SystmOne Deployment and SystmOne Demo

Click Next

Click Next
Click Install
Click Finish


Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp

Copy a shortcut for SystmOne into the Start-up folder (enter the Admin password if prompted)

Delete the Start Engage Touch shortcut from the Start-up folder


Double click the SystmOne icon to launch it

Ask the surgery staff member to login SystmOne using an account specifically for the Touchscreen.

Ensure the following account permissions are in place: Retreives Patients and Saves Records


If an account does not exist, follow instructions in the following Confluence article: SystmOne account setup - Create clinical staff member

After you've logged into Systm One, minimise it.


Double click the Start Engage Touch shortcut to launch the Engage Touch arrival software.


The Touchscreen software is now configured!
Arrive a patient to ensure things are functional (do not use a test patient as this will not work)