Open your Touchscreen Console by double clicking the icon on the PC where it is installed

Under the “Settings” tab, select “Show notes field”. This can be found in the “Patient messages” area. If this has already been selected, please disregard the next step.

Within the “Tools” tab, click “Sync”. This will send your changes over to the touchscreen. This may take a brief moment to complete. You can then close your console.

Book patient in for an appointment slot within SystmOne.

In the “details” field, type your message to the patient in square brackets, for example:

[Please see reception to collect a form]

The patient will then see this message once the touchscreen has identified them, i.e once they have entered their D.O.B. 

The patient will be given a brief moment to read the message, then the successful check-in screen will show. They can also click next if they have finished reading the message. The patient will then shortly appear as arrived in SystmOne. The patient does not have to press “Finish” to be marked as arrived. 

The patient w