Below is a video showing you the process of adding, removing and updating staff members for Engage Consult.

To be able to manage incoming requests from patients, staff need to have an account to login to the Engage client.  To create an account you need to have access to myEHS for that organisation.  When logged in to myEHS go to the Staff page in the Engage client.

Depending on the options you choose there are three or four elements to a staff account:

  1. Email address is used by staff as their login ID.

  2. Request assignee determines whether staff can have requests assigned to them.  If they can’t have requests assigned to them, they can still login, assign requests to other staff or groups, and can manage requests assigned to other staff or groups.  If this staff member can have requests assigned to them then the Shared with option will be shown; if they can’t they Shared with won’t be shown as it’s not relevant.

  3. Management console access determines if this staff member can access the management console in the Engage client, and if they can at what level they can access it.  The first pages in the management console are due to be released in March or April, so currently this is being provided for organisations to prepare for the availability of new pages in the management console, as they add new staff, or edit existing.

    1. No access means the staff member won’t have access to the management console in the Engage client.

    2. Editowill allow a staff member to access all areas of the management console except the Staff page and the Audit Log page.

    3. Full access will allow the staff member to access all pages in the management console.

  4. Shared with is only shown if this staff member is allowed to have requests assigned to them.  It allows you to share this staff member with other organisations.  When a staff member is shared with other organisations it allows those organisations to assign requests to them in the same way requests can be assigned by staff members at their own organisation.  For example, if this doctor were a dermatology specialist then you might want to share their account with other practices in your PCN.