The Rooms tab on the Touch Screen Console is used for those surgeries that have more than one waiting area. Engage Touch is capable of directing patients to the appropriate waiting area when they book in for their appointment. 

First you should define your waiting areas: 

Click on the Create new waiting area button to create a new waiting area. 

'New Waiting Area' will appear in the list:

Click to highlight the new entry and edit the name in the box below. 

Ensure you click on the Save this waiting area button to save any changes to the new waiting area.

To remove a waiting area from the list, highlight it and click on the Delete this waiting area button.

Call Descriptions 

In this section you must configure the message displayed to the patient which would replace the default 'Please take a seat in the waiting area'.

To add a call description for your new waiting area highlight the waiting area at the top and type your call description in the following box: (this message can be up to 350 characters long)

Type the call description you would like displayed for the new waiting area and ensure you then click on the Save button above again to save the new description.


Use this section to configure which rooms use each waiting area that you have created.

First create your rooms by clicking on the Create new room button.
 'New room' will appear in the Unassigned rooms list on the right.

Highlight the new entry and edit the name of your room in the box below.

You must now assign rooms to each waiting area.

To do this highlight a waiting area in the list on the left, the centre section displays 'Rooms that call from X' and the name of the highlighted waiting area is displayed.

Assign a room to this waiting area by clicking to highlight a room in the list of Unassigned rooms on the right and click on the Add selected room button.

Your selected room will move into the centre section:

To move the entire list of rooms click on the Add all rooms button

To move any room back to the unassigned rooms list, highlight the room within the list of 'Rooms that call from....' and click on the Remove selected room button. Your selected room will move back to the right section. Click on the Remove all rooms button to move the entire list back.

Repeat this procedure for each room until all rooms are assigned to a waiting area: To remove a room completely, highlight it and click on the Delete this room button. 

Now you will need to allocate rooms to your members of staff so that when a patient books in for an appointment with, for example, a particular doctor the Touch Screen will know which waiting area to instruct the patient to go to. See Staff.