There could be a number of reasons for this. Please check the following:

1. Is the patient using the 'Arrive for your appointment' button? If so please bear in mind the screen will only ask the patient to update their weight or blood pressure if they do not already have a result recorded in their clinical record that was added in the last 60 days. 

If the patient is using the Self Service System option they should be asked for their weight and blood pressure every time.

2. Are the weighing scales and blood pressure machines turned on? Please check the weighing scales are showing 0.0kg. If the screen is blank they are switched off. The blood pressure machine should have a red 0 in the Systolic section if it is turned on. It will also be displaying the current time in the Time section. Please see the hardware help section if you are having trouble turning either on.

3. If the weighing scales and BP monitor are turned on we next want to check if the touch screen can see that they are plugged in. To do this please go to the touch screen and look in the very bottom left hand corner of the welcome screen. You will see the version of the Engage software and if your scales and BP monitor have been found it will say which communication port (Com) they have been found on. e.g Version 5.3.2 | Scales on Com 4 | BP on Com 3

If you can not see this text please check all cables. Once you have checked all of the cables please try a restart of the screen. Please do this by opening the Touchscreen Console and clicking on the Restart button on the Screens tab. Please never turn the screen off at the wall or press and hold the power button. If this fails to fix the problem please contact Engage Health and we will try and help further.