In the Settings section, you can change how long messages are displayed on the touchscreen for.  There are two types of delays: 

  • Input delay: this is how long a message, requiring action from the patient, appears on screen (e.g. "Please select the day in which you were born")
  • Message delay: this is how long a message appears on screen which doesn't require action from the patient (e.g. "Thank you, you have been booked in for your appointment") 

The default Input delay is 15 seconds and the default Message delay is 20 seconds, however you can adjust these times to suit your surgery's requirements by clicking on the drop down menu.

Input delay

The input delay is how long the touchscreen will wait for the patient to respond to a question.  If the patient does not respond within the 15 seconds Input delay, the touchscreen will reset to the welcome screen.  This means that the person next in the queue can check-in and all information pertaining to the previous patient is removed from the touchscreen.

Message delay

The message delay is how long the the confirmation screen displays on the touchscreen to the patient, informing them that they have been booked in for their appointment or need to go to reception.