The Engage Touch Console is a piece of management software that is used to configure the touchscreen.  It will be installed by Engage Health Systems as part of the software installation process.  The Engage Touch Console is put on one or two computers - usually the one belonging to the person who will be responsible for updating the settings and the practice manager's.

This article will serve as a brief overview of the sections available, and there are separate articles in this knowledge base to cover each feature individually.

Settings section

This is the section you'll find you use the most frequently - especially the Additional features are likely to be added and taken off dependent on the time of year.

Screens section

In the screens section you can remotely Restart and Power off the Touchscreen.

Staff section

In the Staff section you can assign clinicians to designated waiting areas.  This ensures your patients are directed to the correct area for their appointment.

It's possible to amend a clinician's name in this section (for example, if they are known professionally as one name, but by patients by a more familiar name) 

In addition, you can add an optional message which is displayed for all patients checking in to see a particular clinician (e.g. "Has a medical student with her today", etc.).

Rooms section

This is where you configure waiting areas if you have more than one.  If left blank, the default message will say 'Please take a seat in the main waiting area'.

Clinical section

In the Clinical section you can:

  • Import new staff members into the Console
  • Add an Arrival message (this is a message displayed to all patients, e.g. "Surgery will be closed next Wednesday for training")
  • Add in your surgery name and website so that they appear on the touchscreen's welcome page (a QR code will automatically be generated for your website on the welcome page too)
  • Configure the system to stop patients booking in at the wrong site
  • Change clinical system (please call us on 01263 834648 to action this)
  • Configure a notification email address for high Blood Pressure readings (if you are using the Engage Touch Plus system)

Tools section

The most important button here is Sync.  You must click on Sync in order to save the changes you have made in the Console and send them through to the Touchscreen