This checklist advises on the essential tasks that a practice needs to complete to implement Engage Consult. It also has a list of tasks that will help to ensure patients know about online consultations. 


1. Watch a demonstration to get an overview of the service. 

2. Signup at

3. Understand what groups are used for and how to cover them. 

4. Setup accounts for staff to login to the Engage desktop app. 

5. Update all relevant policies and procedures, for example, data protection impact assessment, equality impact assessment, clinical safety assessment, standard operating procedures, and clinical protocols. 

6. Download the Engage desktop app. 

7. Copy a shortcut to the Engage desktop app to each computer that it’ll be used at and integrate it with your clinical system. 

8. Setting up a response window 

9. Add the linked banner to your website so patients can access it. 

Strongly Recommended 

1. Change the messages on your phone system to include information about using online consultations. 

2. Make sure all staff have seen how patients use the service and are encouraging patients to use it. 

3. Send a SMS to patients advising them to use online consultations and include a link to the service. 

4. If you have care or residential homes in your catchment area talk to them about using the service and provide them with a copy of the Care Home Guide.