Before Launch 

Up until you launch Engage Consult you’ll have a dedicated project manager and launch team that you can contact. They’ll provide you with their contact details and you can contact them as and when you need to. 

After Launch

Once you’ve launched Engage Consult you can contact our support team or your dedicated Customer Success Manager. If you need to contact our support team you can find their details here. Your Customer Success Manager will provide you with their contact details. As a rule of thumb if it’s a technical issue it’s probably better to contact our support team. Whoever you contact they’ll make sure your question is answered as quickly as possible. 

Training and Support Videos

 We also have a range of videos here. These videos show you how to do several tasks including, adding and removing staff and configuring the Engage desktop app on your computers. There are also training videos for admin and clinical staff.

Book in for training here.