There are three places in the Touchscreen Console to configure messages that will display to patients on the Touchscreen. If you implement any of the below, after each change, you will need to go to Tools and Sync.

Message to all patients

In the Clinical section of the Console, you'll find an Arrival Message box. Information here will display to all patients after pressing the Start button on the Touchscreen. This message can be up to 128 characters.

Message to all patients that have an appointment with a specific staff member

In the Staff section of the Console, click the pencil icon next to the relevant staff member. In the Section titled 'Optional message when patients arrive', input your message here. This message can be up to 100 characters

Message to a specific patient

In the Settings section of the Touchscreen console, you will find a section titled 'Patient messages'. If you're using EMIS Web, tick the 'Show Notes field', and if you're using SystmOne or Vision click the 'Show Reason field'.

In the selected field within your clinical system, for the desired patient, simply type your message to them within square brackets e.g [Please come to the reception desk after booking in]

EMIS Web                                                 SystmOne & Vision