In instances where the surgery shares a clinical system with another building, from the time to time patients may get confused at which site there appointment is booked. This article will detail how to stop this from happening.

Hiding staff members

If your staff members do not move between sites, you can hide the staff members that don't work at this site. 

Go to the Staff section in the Console, click the pencil icon next to the relevant staff member, change their Staff class to Hide and click Save.

After you've done this, if a patient tries to book in for an appointment with the hidden staff member, it will say the member of Staff is not unavailable and to visit reception.

If your staff members do move between sites, see if the below option is possible.

Only match by

This feature is currently available for EMIS and SystmOne.


Session names in your Emis appointment book will need to be configured with a unique identifier for the surgery. For example, if Dr Smith and Nurse Watson have sessions available at The Blue Surgery, you could include Blue in their session names. 

Once you're happy the appointment book is setup correctly, in the Clinical section of the Console, look under the Misc settings section. In the field Only match where Appt name contains: type the identifier configured in the session name for this site e.g Blue


In the field Only match appts at site name, type the exact surgery name as seen in the Rota site for SystmOne, where you want patients to be booked in at e.g The Blue Surgery

You can see the correct site in SystmOne by right clicking on the session name, then choosing Administration, Amend, and looking at the Rota site.