Please find below a video showing how to cover groups and colleagues and a quick guide below.

Covering Groups and Colleagues 

1. Click 'My Account' on the top toolbar on Engage Client 

2. Select 'Groups' or 'Colleagues'


3. Select the groups you would like to cover


4. Click 'Save' once groups have been selected/deselected

5. If you need to stop covering that group you select the group to stop covering and it will turn back white saying 'Not covering' and ensure to click 'Save' after you make any changes.

6. The same applies to covering colleagues you just select 'Colleagues' instead.

The benefits of groups and colleagues:

  • Groups can allow you to allocate messages to teams.
  • Teams and individuals can focus on what they need to do.
  • Colleagues can assign requests to themselves and to other colleagues.