The following guide describes how to integrate/connect the Engage Consult Client with Emis Web.

Written guide

1) Configure the API access

A staff member with EMAS Manager access rights should login to EMIS.

System Tools > EMAS Manager

Go to Partner API and highlight Encompass

Click Edit Users, locate the desired User(s), tick the box and set a password.

Now click Login Access and tick both the Auto Login and Allow Login boxes, for the desired user(s).

2) Configure Vixie

Double click on the Engage Client icon on your desktop to launch it.
When Vixie launches for the first time, the Settings box will appear. 

If this box does not appear, you can find it by clicking Tools in the top-right corner, then Settings.

In the System drop-down menu, select EMIS web.
Type your EMIS Site Code number
Click the OK button 

3) Activate EMIS on the computer

An EMIS web Activate New Partner Product box should appear.
Type your EMIS username and password. This is not the API password or your smart card password.
Click Activate Product 

If successful, you should see the following box confirming that the Product has been activated.

Vixie should now say Connected. This means integration with EMIS is functional.
The configuration of Vixie is now complete. You can login the Engage Client and start using it.