This document is intended for NHS users of Engage Consult. It explains the changes that we’re making in this release and how it impacts you and your patients. This is intentionally a summary document - if there's anything you'd like more information about, please get in touch with the team by calling us on  01263 834648 or email us at

Release Window

This release will take place on Tuesday 2nd June 2020 (AM) and will not involve any down time.

What's changing?

Vixie Desktop Icon Rebrand

The marketing team has been working hard on the rebrand of the Engage Health suite of products.  Going forward you will be seeing some very subtle changes to the way things may look when using our software.  Our first change is to the Vixie desktop icon.  The “fox face” or shield you are familiar with will be replaced by the “smiley face” style icon you can see below.

"Assign to"

In response to requests from our larger customers we’ve made some enhancements to the “Assign to” list which includes;

  • The introduction of a free text search to find the colleague/group to assign to

  • The list of all recipients sorted by type i.e Colleagues and Groups

  • Scroll bar for practices with a long list of recipients

Behind the scenes

Various engineering tasks to improve performance, stability and overall code quality.

This release requires an update to the Vixie client.  If you are unable to update this yourself please contact your IT department.