What have we done?

Lockout of LT after a period of inactivity 

Following the release of version 56 a number of our practices got in touch to tell us the the new inactivity lockout interval of 15 minutes was not enough and should be increased.  We can confirm that this has now been increased from 15 minutes to 1 hour.  To activate the new timeout, staff will need to logout and restart the Engage client.  We apologise if you found the initial interval inconvenient.  We hope that this new interval strikes the right balance between keeping your systems secure and not impeding your working routine.

Inbound Message Date & Time Stamp

We would also like to take this opportunity to explain in more detail another change in the the last release.  When you look at a list of messages in the Engage client these are now sorted based on the time of the last update to a message, those most recently updated are displayed at the top of the list.  The time displayed on the message is the time that the message was originally received from the patient.