Configure Inter-Organisational Working

Sharing a group with another organisation

Go to and select 'Engage Client' then from the dropdown menu select 'Groups'.
You can add a group if it has not already been set up by typing the name into the below box and selecting 'Create'.

You then select the group you want to share as below.

Once you have clicked 'Share' it will ask you to select the organisation you would like to share that group with.

When you have selected the organisation you want to share with you can choose whether to 'Restrict view'

If you select 'Restrict view' this means if you are sharing the group with many organisations that they will only be able to see requests they have assigned to that group and not the requests that other organisations are assigning to the group.

If you do not 'Restrict view' whoever the group is shared with will then be able to see all requests being assigned to that group and it will also show in their 'All' requests folder.

It will be sent to the organisation you are sharing it with and once they enable the group it will turn green. So as below I have shared the admin group with 'EHS Green' but it is grey as they have not enabled it but 'EHS blue' has been enabled so it has turned green.

The organisation you have shared it with will then have to go into select 'Engage Client' then 'External' and select enable as the instructions state below.

Enabling an external group

To enable working with an external organisation, please log on to your My EHS at to add other organisations to your external recipients. 

Do this by opening the 'External' section of 'Engage Client'.

When other organisations share groups with your organisation they will show below. 

You can select 'Enable' to allow the other organisation to share that group with your organisation. 

You can view, assign and receive requests to that group and be able to cover the group on Engage Client. Or 'disable' to stop the sharing of the group. So as you can see below as the pharmacists group from EHS Blue has been enabled we can now cover that group to show in your requests.