This document is intended for NHS users of Engage Consult. It explains the changes that we are making in this release and how it impacts you and your patients. This is intentionally a summary document - if there's anything you'd like more information about, please get in touch.

Release Window

This release will take place Wednesday 23rd September at 12.30 and will not involve any down time.

What's new ?

Consent for Inter Organisation Working

As part of building our inter-organisational working capabilities, in this release of Engage Consult we’ll be asking patients with existing accounts to reconfirm their data consent preferences.  This is so that if you’re using inter-organisational working you’ll know if the patient has consented to their data being shared with another organisation.  It also means that if you try to share a request from a patient that’s said they don’t want to share their data, you’ll be asked for a reason for overriding their decision.

In the next release of inter-organisational working you’ll be able to configure Engage Consult to automatically share incoming requests with other organisations.  Requests from anyone who’s said they don’t want to share their data will be automatically excluded from this.

Automatic sharing means you’ll be able to configure Engage Consult so, for example, extended access and out of hours providers will be notified of new requests.  If you have an agreement in place with them they’ll be able to manage these on your behalf.

We wanted to let you know about this in advance of the release in case you get any calls from patients asking why they’re being asked to re-confirm their choices.  This way you can notify your teams that are likely to be asked about this. 

Video Window and Firefox 

It was identified that when using the video functionality in WSP on Firefox the video window for the clinician became minimized - this has now been resolved

Text Changes 

A few simple text changes have been made, non of which will affect or change the functionality of the Engage Consult software