To open Vixie, double click on the Engage Client icon on your desktop to launch it.

When Vixie launches for the first time, the Settings box will appear. 

If this box does not appear, you can find it by clicking Tools in the top-right corner, then Settings.

In the System drop-down menu, select Vision. Fill in relevant fields:

System Path: This is your Vision Data drive, usually P:\

Login Name: Your offline Vision username

Password: Password for logging onto the offline user (not your smart card password)

If you're unsure of your offline Vision details, log out of Vision, remove your smart card and log back in using your offline credentials, if they work then they're the correct details to use in Vixie, if not or you can't remember the offline credentials, contact your local Vision team to recover the 

After filling in all the required fields, click "OK" and the settings window will close.

If the credentials are correct Vixie will then connect to Vision, you can see the status of the connected in the top left hand corner of the window as you can see below.