This document is intended for NHS users of Engage Consult. It explains the changes that we are making in this release and how it impacts you and your patients. This is intentionally a summary document - if there's anything you'd like more information about, please get in touch.

Release Window

This release will take place Wednesday 28th October 2020 at 12.30 and will not involve any down time.

Engage Client Version 

To ensure that you receive the very latest updates and features for Engage Consult it is recommended that your Engage Client is updated to the most recent version which is current 13.20302.12.

If you are unable to update this yourself due to local permissions please contact your local IT department.

What's new ?

Better Adhoc Video

An improved version of video consulting is included in this release, making it easier for clinicians and patients to start and join a video consultation.  Clinicians wanting to start a video consultation can do this in two clicks.  Patients wanting to join a video consultation can do this with a single click.

Clinicians simply need to click on the "Start Video Consultation" button from a request, check the mobile number for the patient is correct (this will already be completed if the patient has given their mobile number when they sent their request), and then click "Send SMS and Join Now".  This will send a SMS to the patient and start the video consultation for the clinician.

Patients simply need to open the SMS when they receive it and click on the link to join the video consultation.  If this is the first video consultation they've joined they may be asked to confirm that the app can use their camera and microphone; they just need to tap "Allow" at these prompts and they'll join the video consultation.

You can also start a video consultation with patients that haven't sent in a request via Engage Consult and send an invitation for a video consultation using other messaging systems, such as the messaging system built into Engage Consult or email, if you prefer.


Option to Increase Request Limits Via Dropdown Menu 

To help you manage the increase in consultation requests we have created a drop down menu which will allow you to make incremental changes based on current and expected demand for the service.

Duplicate Admin Requests 

A small number of sites told us that they were receiving duplicate admin requests on a single screen, following a full review by our Product Development team it was apparent that this was isolated to customers specifically who had not enabled their Secure Two Way messaging.

Failure to Attach a Request to Clinical 

Some SystmOne customers may have noticed that Engage Consult reported a failure to attach a request to the clinical record when in fact it had been successfully attached.  This was caused by a slow response from the Clinical System, customers who have experienced this issue can now increase the timeout that Engage Consult will wait for before sending the report by amending their settings.