This procedure is for requesting an escalation to a support ticket that you have raised with us. If you’ve not yet raised a ticket, you can see our contact details here

How to request an escalation

Whether you used phone, portal or email to log your original ticket, you will have received an automatic email response, containing the ticket reference number. 

Example email: 

You can reply directly back to the relevant support ticket, or if you would rather raise the escalation by phone, provide the ticket reference to the Service Desk Agent. Simply say you wish for the ticket to be escalated and your reasons for this request. 


The Service Desk Agent will escalate the requested ticket to the Service Manager and reply back to the user confirming this. The Service Manager will: 

  • Read the ticket history
  • Discuss appropriate next steps with the primary agent involved
  • Work through the next steps
  • If required, re-assign the ticket to another agent/department
  • If required, escalate further
  • Monitor the ticket through to completion