What is Engage Touch Mobile?

Engage Touch Mobile is a module included with a software subscription for Engage Touch, which allows patients to arrive for their appointment in the surgery using their mobile device.

I'm not currently an Engage Touch customer.

If you do not already have an Engage Touch subscription, please contact our sales team for more information. Email sales@engagehealth.uk or phone 01263 834648.

How much does it cost?

If you're a customer for our touchscreen software, you will be entitled to our Mobile check-in module, free of charge!

Is Engage Touch Mobile available now?

whoYes! Engage Touch mobile is available for customers that have a Windows 10 touchscreen using the EMIS Web, SystmOne or Vision clinical systems.

I'm an Engage Touch customer. How do I use Engage Touch Mobile?

Please view our article by clicking here, for details on configuring your Management software for mobile check-in.

If the Mobile tab isn't yet available for you, please contact our support team.

Why use Engage Touch Mobile?

There is going to be an on going requirement for the foreseeable future, for a GP practice to maintain an automated physical touchscreen check-in device in the surgery. 

However, a significant percentage of the population have a very capable computer in their pocket, in the form of a mobile device. There are advantages for both the patient and practice in patient using their mobile devices for appointment arrival.

  • Reduced queues. Instead of waiting to speak to a surgery staff member or use the surgery touchscreen, the patient can take a seat and arrive at their convenience.
    This further frees staff time to focus on important activities.
  • Reduction in Covid or other viral/bacterial risk as there will be less interactions with staff and public devices
  • Personal data is only displayed on the patient's own device
  • In the future, we would like additional questionnaires to be available as well. This will allow the patient to run through many additional questionnaires, at the patients leisure e.g QOF questionnaires

What configurations does Engage Touch Mobile Have?


The practice has full control to enable or disable mobile check-in whenever required.

QR Code

A QR code for the mobile check-in website is available. Patients can simply scan this on their mobile device. We recommend printing this off and displaying prominently in your surgery, for easy access.

Arrival location

This is a setting that allows the practice to define what distance the patient needs to be from the practice building, in order to arrive using their mobile device.

The distance can be set to a maximum of 250 meters, so you can configure this distance to cover your entire practice building or even the car park.

There is a limit on distance so patients are not able to arrive themselves for an appointment if they are physically too far away from the building.

Arrival messages

Allows the practice to communicate a message to patients when they've arrived for their appointment.