The following is an instructional guide designed to show how a patient would use Engage Touch Mobile, to check-in for their appointment at their GP surgery.

Access the Engage Touch Mobile check-in link

The link the patient needs, in order to arrive for their appointment, can be accessed in a few different ways.

  • There may be a link on the Practice website
  • The patient may have received a text from the practice with the link
  • The patient scans a QR code upon arriving at the surgery

Accept location

When accessing the Engage Touch mobile check-in link for the first time, the patient will need to Allow access for to 'Know your location'

Location is required in order to know the patient is within the GP practice building.

If Location has previously been allowed, click Get my location

If the patient is too far away, this message will display and they should click Try Again when at the GP surgery

Continue with check-in process

After the website recognises the patient is within the GP surgery proximity, this page will display:

Click Continue

Enter the date of birth

Enter the first three letters of your surname

Wait a moment for the system to find the appointment

Once the appointment is found, it will ask the Patient to confirm

After selecting Yes, the patient will be arrived for the appointment.