This article provides details for a practice with a subscription for Engage Touch to configure the Engage Touch Mobile settings.

This is the Mobile tab of the Management Console

Before making changes, you will need to ensure the Touchscreen is turned on and the Engage Touch software is running.

1) Enable/Disable Mobile check-in

Tick the box to Enable Mobile check-in functionality.

2) Arrival location

What is 'what 3 words'

As patients will be using a mobile device to arrive for their appointment, we need to ensure they're in close proximity to the practice building.

To do this, we're using location based on 'What 3 words' which means, each 3 meter squared area of land in the world is assigned 3 words. Those 3 words together pinpoint the 3 meter squared area of land.

You'll need to find the 3 words for your practice building with the instructions below.

Configuring what 3 words

Click the red square icon, which will open up the following website:

In the Search bar, type your practice name and postcode.
Click on the correct location displayed.

If the map has not found the exact right location, you can manually click on the map on your GP practice building

The three words to represent that 3 meter squared area will now display.

Type those 3 words into your Touchscreen Console

Arrival distance 

You can change the distance at which patients are able to arrive for their appointment, as required. The options range from 20m to 250m e.g if you want people to arrive from the car park, you may have a bigger distance.


3) Arrival messages

The Arrival message is additional text that can be displayed to the patient when they arrive for their appointment on their Mobile device. You can see an example of this text circled in red here:


You can configure the message within this box:

4) Sync

Go to Tools and click Sync.

If the Sync does not work, double check the touchscreen is turned on and the check-in software is running,

If you need help with any aspect of this guide, please contact our support desk by submitting a ticket.