What's new in 65?

"There will be no downtime or requirement to upgrade your existing version"

The team has been busy over the last couple of weeks doing lots of essential maintenance to enhance performance and usability, also tidying up our front end.  So, whilst you wont see any great features released this week, you will certainty notice where we have been making our front end more aligned and consistent.  To do this we have;

replaced all reference to Encompass LT with Engage Client (text or logo)

Also, and long overdue we have removed all remaining reference to Wiggly Amps and replaced with Engage Health Systems. We think this looks so much better, we hope you do to.

File Size Limits

We know that there isn't a one size fits all approach when it comes to your Clinical Systems therefore we have added a file size limit to the clinical system setting in MyEHS which replicates the criteria set by the Clinical System provider, this has been configured by us so there is nothing for the practice to do.  Current settings are as follows:

  • EMIS - 2MB per file
  • SystemOne - 5MB per file
  • Vision - 20MB per file  

For your patients this will mean that if they try to upload an image into their request and it exceeds the file limit the patient will by shown a message to explain that it cannot be uploaded.  

Product Walkthrough System 

We are introducing a Product Walkthrough System into the Engage Client.  The intention is that this will be a gradual roll out, product walkthrough is unique to our customers and not available to patients.  We understand that you have multiple solutions in practice and also our release notes might just not cut it, in terms of explaining why we are adding another button or exactly what happens if you were to click on the new tab etc.  So, we want to make it as easy as we can for you to get the best out of Engage Consult, ultimately making your lives easier.  Product Walkthrough can be used for many things such as;

  • Be used for onboarding new customers and or new users, particularly helpful when you have new staff joining the practice
  • As new features are deployed the system can be used to walk you through how to use them
  • Advise you of any updates to the service and provide you with general announcements i.e release notes and maintenance windows etc

Other Stuff

We have an ongoing commitment to you to make your daily tasks more efficient and streamlined.  To do this we are looking to reduce the number of "clicks" where we can.  An example in this release is where we have removed the requirement to "click" to acknowledge any automatically generated notes, there is no requirement for you to do this, so why have it in. 

Minimum age setting which was previously located in the Options field has now been moved into the Patient and Carer Access section, we felt this was a more appropriate home and prevents MyWa from becoming cluttered and overwhelming to our users.