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"There will be no downtime however there will be a requirement to upgrade your existing version of the Engage Client"

Sort, Search & Filter

As patient and practice engagement with Engage Consult continues to grow at an exponential rate we have recognised the need for improved tools to allow you our users to better interrogate and manipulate the data set held within Engage Consult. We have divided this feature into 3 sections and these are the ability to Sort, Search & Filter

Sorting Requests

Engage Client users now have 5 different ways to sort requests to help you deal with those that are most important to you. When you are on the request page  you can choose an option by selecting Order By: (as displayed in the screen shot below) this functionality provides you, the user with the tools to manage your workflow both effectively and efficiently and most importantly in a way that works best for you.     

Searching Requests

You can use the search bar in the Engage Client to search for particular words or phrases.  The scope of the search will be restricted to the Group or Colleague that is selected in the Request Views area of the Engage Client, however if you did want to expand your search to all of the requests you have available you just need to select All.  

Once you enter in your chosen word or phrase into the search bar and pressing enter on your keyboard, the list will now refresh itself and will only display requests which contain your search criteria.  If you want to clear your search history simply click on the x within the search bar.

If you need to include completed requests within your search, don't forget to select the Show completed box - see below.

Filtering Requests

You can also now filter requests so that only requests that match your criteria are displayed.  This can be done simply by selecting the filters button on the request page.  Once you have done this you will be able to search on the full range of available filters.  

We appreciate that there is lots of new things in this release around Sort, Search & Filter so to help you navigate around the changes more effectively we have prepared you a 5 minute video here, also watch out for our Product Walkthrough solution that we launched in our last release which will pop up from time to time to tell you when there is something new.