What's new in 66-1?

The Product Development team here at Engage Health got ahead of themselves this month and managed to over achieve in our latest sprint.  We felt that it would have been a shame to sit on these features so we snuck them into release 66 as an double release, Unfortunately, they were not included in the original release notes so may have been a surprise to some of you.

Prioritising Incoming Requests 

We did a survey a couple of months ago and you told us that the ability to prioritise your incoming requests would be a real bonus.  We have implemented this functionality by way of a drop down menu which sits on the top right of the submitted request.  By default this will always come in as Priority Unassigned, once you click on the drop down you will be presented by the following options; Urgent, Same Day & Routine - N.b. everything is greyed out until you select a priority.   

Your selected priority will be clearly displayed on the incoming request (see below) and a full audit will be added to the request showing who and when this priority was selected.  If at any time in the future a colleague deems it necessary to change the priority, this can be done by providing a reason which will give you a complete audit trail.

You can see in the screen shot below how your priorities are displayed in your Request View list N.b. your urgent requests will always be displayed at the top followed by Same Day & Routine. 

Allow users to set Admin request limits 

We have received so many calls from our users telling us that they are being overwhelmed by Admin requests and was there anything that we could do to help address this problem.  As always we aim to make our solution as configurable as possible and allow you to make it work for your practice, not how we think it should work.  Therefore, we have given you the option to set limits on Admin in the same way that you are able to set a limit for Medical requests.  To see short video which gives you more detail, please click here