"For Release 67 there will be no downtime required however there will be a requirement to update your existing version of the Engage Client" 

What's new ?

Embedded Links

We have added a new feature which provides organisations the option to let users of embedded links bypass any restrictions an organisation has established around the number of requests they accept each day and the time of the day that requests can be sent.  This is to allow organisations to provide embedded links to other health and care professionals i.e. Care Home Staff, District Nursing Teams etc who can then send in requests directly into Engage Consult without impacting on the pre set limits established for patient access.  This will also assist with reducing the admin burden on your own teams by receiving communications in a single place and in turn reduce the amount of traffic on the phones and also by email.  You can find this feature within your Settings Page on my.engage (previously called MyWA).  If you want to learn more about enabling embedded links please do not hesitate to Contact Us. 

While we are talking about my.engage there is another small change here which I would like to draw your attention to, we have renamed this particular section Demand Management as this better reflects what you are looking to achieve.  

Launchpad for Notifications

There may be times when we need to get in touch, perhaps to tell you about a new release, particular feature enhancement or maybe to notify you that we are carrying out essential maintenance.  We know that emails don't always get to the right person and anyway am sure your inbox's are already cluttered.  So, to help us help you, we have added a discreet bell icon (shown below) onto your Engage Client toolbar.  When a notification is received it will be displayed in the yellow section - just the same as an email inbox. When you click on the icon this will expand making the details of the notification available for you to view. Full history of notifications will be available behind the icon and will be displayed in chronological order, little bit like a library of hints and tips.  We assure you that this function will not be used for Sales or Marketing purposes.

What's up Next 

Engage Toolbar

To help you work more efficiently and stop you having to flick between systems, we have developed an Engage Toolbar which will sit on top of the clinical system so you can send messages to patients and start a video consultation from Engage Consult whilst still being in your clinical system.  

Single Sign On 

Your Engage Client will automatically open when a user logs in to the Clinical System, saving you time and less clicks.

Multi Point Video

To complement our existing Video solution we have developed Multi Point Video which will allow you to conduct your appointments with users who require a proxy or interpreter present.  Currently our limit for attendees (including clinician) has been capped at 4 as we can't think of many scenarios in General Practice during a consultation where you would need more. But if we have got this wrong and you do think there is a valid case for us to expand this then please let us know.  

Whilst we are talking about Video, were you aware that the Engage Consult Video Solution feature is already included in your existing software?, this means there is no requirement for multiple solutions and increasing annual fees.  Feel free to activate this and give it a go, there is no obligation to use it if its not for you then you can always disable.  We have attached a very quick video to show you just how easy it is for you to use.