We have made a convenient tool that will download the latest version and place it on your desktop for you. It is important that you do not place the download on a shared drive, as it will then not automatically update therefore you will miss out on the new releases and product enhancements. 

To use the tool simply download it from the attachment at the very bottom of this article and run it on your computer.

If you're not sure how to install the file, you can navigate to the downloaded installation file by going to your Downloads folder and double clicking ""Engage Client Deployment Tool".

Alternatively, download the file again from the bottom of this article, and follow the section for your browser.

For Microsoft Edge, click Open file

For Google Chrome, click the Engage Client Dep...exe file that appears on the bottom left of your screen.

A window will appear as the tool downloads and places the latest version of the Engage Client App onto your PC's desktop. 

You may need to wait several minutes for this to complete.

The tool will also name the icon Vixie.exe which is the Engage Client.


If you have downloaded the new Engage Client and it is not working try clearing your cache. To do this follow the steps here.

There are many icons and copies for 'Vixie' the Engage Client. If you have any other Engage Consult icons on your desktop, or shortcuts to a version of Vixie saved on a shared drive it would be best to delete them and run the Deployment Tool from here again.

Having trouble downloading? Follow the steps for manual installation here.

Need help? Book in for a one to one session with our Training and Outcomes Co-ordinator below.