Demand Management Has Moved:

Demand Management can now be accessed via the Management Console in the Engage Client. If you do not have access to the management console click here to find out how to enable it. 

Click on the menu and select Management console.

Once you select the Demand Management Settings (highlighted in blue above) you will be taken to the following page where you can update your settings to reflect your current resource availability etc. 


So you can now choose to have either the same response times for admin and medical requests or have different ones.

Bank Holidays - We have enhanced our demand management feature so you can set service hours and limits for bank holidays. You will not have to do this manually now each time a bank holiday comes up!

You can also select if you want to allow users to submit outside of service hours both individually for admin and medical.

If you do not want to receive admin/medical requests set the limit to 0 for the day(s) required. 

We recommend considering giving patients more time before the practice opens to upload requests. 

Please note if a patient has started a request and it then goes outside of your service hours/request limits the patient will still be allowed to send that request through.