The Engage client will start when you log in to Windows.  It will appear in the notification area of the system tray (bottom-right corner) and will stay there until either someone double clicks the icon, or a clinical system (SystmOne, EMIS, or Vision) is started.  

At that point the Engage Client will start in the last mode it was used in (full or toolbar) and if Single Sign On is available, it will automatically log you in. If Single Sign On hasn’t been setup for you on this device then you'll be asked to login as normal.

The Engage toolbar is just another way of using the Engage client.  You don’t have to download additional software to use it as it’s a part of the Engage client.

The Engage toolbar includes:

  1. Starting a two way video consultation (Please note: you cannot use this for multipoint video)

  2. Sending an outbound patient message using Engage Messaging

  3. Easily navigating back to the full client from an icon on the toolbar

  4. Request notifications

The "Open Client" button will take you back to the full version of the Engage Client:

Any groups/colleagues you are covering you will get a notification of requests shown on the toolbar as below.

You can start a two-way video consultation from the Toolbar by selecting the "Video Call" button. If you have a patient selected in the clinical system, this will pre-fill their details ready to send a request.

If you do not have a patient selected, the Engage Toolbar will allow you to search for one:

The messages section works in a similar way to the above. If you have a patient selected and choose the "Messages" button, it will allow you to send a message to the selected patient, as below:

You can choose to notify the patient either by email, or by SMS. If the patients details are stored in the clinical system, these will auto-populate.

The above features are also available from the hamburger menu on the right side of the bar:

You can reposition the toolbar by dragging the three vertical dots.