This release will require an update to the Engage client 

Improvements to Staff Pages within

As we have alluded to in previous release notes we are looking to migrate the existing (myWa) pages into the Engage client. This will be a phased approach and will be ongoing behind the scenes for the next couple of months, there will be no disruption to you during this period.

Phase 1 of this transition is to make enhancements / improvements to the staff pages.  You can see below some of the changes we have already made, for more information you can click here.

What else is new?

We have added tool tips into both the patient and practices journey to remind users of the file size limits.  In case you were unsure all file size limits are pre defined by your clinical system providers, meaning your practice limit is triggered once you select your clinical system within  We recommend that you review your settings on a regular basis just to ensure that nothing has changed which may impact the way you use Online Consultations.

We have also made some behind the scenes enhancements to Outbound Patient Messaging (OPM) although these changes will not be visible to you as a user, they will enhance the flow and output of this feature.