This release will require an update to the Engage client

Patient Journey

A small number of patients have told us that whilst they like the service they do at times find the process long and "clunky".  To address this and to provide our users with the best experience possible we have started by reducing the number of clicks and removed some pages which have been perceived as repetitive.  An example of this is where we have condensed the 3 tick boxes on the acceptance page into a single tick box as shown below.  Patient experience and the feedback is very important to us, so, should you receive any feedback on how we can make things better for your patients please let us know.

NHS Login

When a patient updates their demographics or contact details within NHS Login these changes will now be reflected within Engage Consult.  

Other Stuff 

Along with all the good stuff that will be visible to you and your patients, the team here at Engage Health Systems continue to make some fantastic headway in terms of bug fixes and infrastructure enhancements.