For this release there is an update to the Engage Client 

UI/UX Updates to the Engage Client 

Over the last couple of sprints the Product Development team have been making significant headway in improving the UI/UX of Engage Consult, not only do we think this looks great but it also goes towards our desire to improve accessibility for our users.  The first iteration are updates to the Engage Client module.  To fully appreciate the changes to the Engage Client we have added a short video into the release notes below which will navigate you through some of these changes.  We will continue with these updates over the next couple of releases.

Floating Toolbar Message Notification 

Following some fantastic feedback we have listened to our users and implemented a couple of improvements to our Floating Toolbar.  These include notifications in the toolbar which will appear as a prompt to users that there is a new request in the Engage Client.  Now, when you hover over the toolbar you will be presented with the option to be taken straight to the Engage Client and directly to your request view.  Again we have added a video below that shows you what this will look like.

Enhanced Clinical Coding

Outbound Patient Messaging (OPM) when delivered by SMS and or Email will now be coded in the clinical to reference which method it was despatched by and the details of mobile number and or email.  

Coming Soon

Intelligent request routing

Intelligent request routing enhances the management of incoming patient requests by automatically assigning a request to a pre-determined group or colleague.  This removes the need for staff to manually assign a request from the Incoming Requests group.  For example, an organisation might decide that any requests for a sick note are intelligently routed to the Admin group, and any requests about a sore throat are intelligently routed to the Nurses group. 

Requests can be routed based on the following:

  • What the request is about.  For example, a sick note, a prescription enquiry, a particular medical condition such as a cough or acne.
  • The Type of request, e.g. medical, admin, health data, outbound patient message.
  • If a destination has been set for an outbound patient message.

Message Templates 

You will be able to create and save message templates, these can be used for SMS and two way secure messaging.

Other News

Do you want to know how to use Engage Consult across the PCN as a Hub style model, perhaps to help with your Virtual Ward Rounds, OOH Provision, Extended Access or just Collaboration with other providers within Primary, Secondary and Community.  Get in touch and we can share with you how this is working with a number of our customers.

Did you know that Engage Health Systems supplies over 1500 Touch Screens into General Practice?, more recently we have been providing Mobile Check-In and the feedback from our users is great. If you would like to know more please get in touch.