We can confirm that there is an update to the Engage Client for this release (version 9.6.22125.31)

What's new? 

Intelligent Routing 

Intelligent request routing enhances the management of incoming patient requests by automatically assigning a request to a pre-determined group or colleague.  This removes the need for staff to manually assign a request from the Incoming Request group.  For example, an organisation might decide that any requests for a sick note are intelligently routed to the Admin group, any requests about a sore throat are intelligently routed to the Nurses group.

Requests can be routed based on the following:

  • What the request is about.  For example, a sick note, a prescription enquiry, a particular medical condition such as a cough or acne
  • The type of request, e.g. medical, admin, health data, outbound patient message
  • If a destination has been set for an outbound patient message

To set up rules you need to have access to the management console which is accessed through the Engage Toolbar.  To set access to the management console, login at my.engage.gp and update the staff who you want to be able to access the management console to have Edit or Full access. Once they have access, launch the Engage desktop client and choose Management Console from the menu.

Hiding Non Selected and Skipped Questions

You told us that when reading the medical report you would like to have the option to view denied or skipped questions only when you click to see them.  We have given you the option to collapse the full view however you will need to configure this to work as per your requirements.  

You can configure this functionality by going into My Account and uncheck the box highlighted below, the box will be checked by default

Patient Feedback 

In line with our commitment to make continuous improvements to the Engage Health suite of products and more importantly, to better understand why we have a number of patients who abandon their requests part way through the process, we have taken the decision to present patients with a very brief questionnaire asking them why they have chosen not to complete the request. This data will allow us to review our existing processes etc and if necessary implement the required changes.  

Management Console

The management console is a part of the Engage client and is being built to remove the need for my.engage.gp (MyWA) to manage Engage Consult, meaning no separate logins for the purpose of administration.  The management console can be found within the Engage toolbar and this will be developed and improved over time.

Couple of Small Changes

  • Video will be switched on by default for all new organisations 
  • Engage Consult will be defaulted to off for all new installations