Care Navigation (formerly intelligent routing) enhances the management of incoming patient requests by automatically assigning a request to a pre-determined group or colleague.  This removes the need for staff to manually assign a request from the Incoming Request group.  For example, an organisation might decide that any requests for a sick note are intelligently routed to the Admin group, any requests about a sore throat are intelligently routed to the Nurses group.

Requests can be routed based on the following:

  • What the request is about.  For example, a sick note, a prescription enquiry, a particular medical condition such as a cough or acne
  • The type of request, e.g. medical, admin, health data, outbound patient message
  • If a destination has been set for an outbound patient message

Only certain staff members will have access to the "Management Console" to set up Intelligent Routing. The below steps run through checking if these users have the correct rights. If you already have these rights, skip to the next section.

First, an administrator will need to log in to MyEHS.

Then, click "Staff" under the Engage Client section, as below:

Only users with "Management console access" set to "Yes" will be able to set up intelligent routing. If you would like to add another user, you can do this via the edit button on the right-hand side.

Intelligent Routing Set Up

To set up intelligent routing, open the Engage Client and click the "Menu" button in the top-right corner, then "Management Console".

The client will switch to Toolbar mode to open the Intelligent routing menu.

To set up a rule, pick the type of request you would like to route, then select "Edit rule".

In the box that appears, you can search for which group you would like to send these to. In this example, we're going to send all "Health data uploads" to the Nurses group.

Hit "Save" and you will receive a "Your rule has been updated" message:

You can also freetext issues inside the intelligent routing request section, for example:

If you would like asthma requests to be sent directly to the nurse, you would select "Add rule" and type "Asthma" into the route box, then type "Nurse" into the to box:

Then, hit save.

Inside the submitted consultation, you any request that has been routed via intelligent routing will be marked as such, for example: