Message templates can be used when adding notes to a request, sending an Engage Message, or sending an outbound patient message. (This has replaced the autofill feature). See an example of top used message templates attached.

Existing autofill's you have created will be migrated to personal message templates.

To create a message template:

1. Go to your account

2. Select Message templates

3. Click Add

4. Fill in the Template name and the message/note you want to add. You can add an attachment. 

If you are creating a message template for sending outbound patient messaging you can add a questionnaire and a response destination. 

5. Once completed click Save

6. It will be added to your list of Templates.

Using the message templates when adding a note or sending a message:

1. Go to the request you want to send the message or add a note to. Click in the box as shown below to select the template.

2. Once you have selected the message template you would like to use you can then select either to Send to patient or Add as a note. 

Using the message templates when sending an outbound patient message:

1. Select Outbound Messages

2. Click Create Message

3. Select if the message is for an individual or for multiple patients.

4. Choose how the message will be sent to the patient. Please note if you have attached a questionnaire to your message template you need to send the message by Engage Message.

5. Select your message template as below. It will add your template in the relevant boxes ready for you to click Send.

Top tip if you want to personalise the message sent to patients use %patientname% 

So when you add the message it automatically adds in the patients full name as below.

 To learn how to create organisation message templates click here.