For this release there is NO update required to the Engage Client.

What's new?

New Organisation Message Templates Functionality

Organisation Message Templates

These are created in the management console by staff with editor access and are available to all staff in that organisation.  They can be used when adding notes to a request, when sending Engage Messages, or when creating an outbound message.

Personal Message Templates - already in LIVE however just in case you missed it..

These are created by individual staff members in their My Account section of the Engage Client and are only available to the person who created them.  They can be used when adding notes to a request, when sending Engage Messages, or when creating an outbound message.

This feature updates and replaces the Autofill feature.  All autofills will be migrated to Personal Message Templates. 

Template Behaviour

You can only have one template with the same template name.  The only duplicates allowed are:

  • Each person can use the same template name

  • An organisation can use the same template name that is already being used as a personal template.

For example, John and Mary could both have a Cough template, and there can be an organisation template called Cough.  If John, Mary, or someone using Organisation Message Templates tried to create a second template named Cough, they wouldn’t be able to.

What's changed?

Guest Only Access Removed

Guest only access is no longer available in Engage Consult.  For those customers who were using this configuration, their setting has been updated to allow account holders and guests.

Language changes within Engage Consult

The gender label on requests in the Engage Client has been changed to sex.  We are currently in the initial stages of changing the language used through Engage Consult and will be making additional changes.

User/Groups can be deleted if they have requests assigned to them

A change has been applied allowing a user or group to be deleted in Engage Consult even if they have messages assigned to them.  In this case any assigned messages will be automatically assigned back to Incoming Requests.

We appreciate that we are implementing lots of new features and enhancements to Engage Consult right now, and do acknowledge that this might leave you feeling overwhelmed at times.  We have some great resources in support portal which you an find here.  In addition if you require any additional training or have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us.