For this release there is a requirement to update the client version - v10.0.22209.33

What's New?

Reminders and Scheduling of Outbound Patient Messages

What ever your use case for sending out communications to your patients, Engage Consult now has the functionality to send out daily and weekly reminders (monthly being available in the next release) and also the ability to schedule the delivery of an outbound patient message. This could be a reminder about their flu jab or perhaps a reminder for patients with chronic long term conditions to remind them to complete their review questionnaires prior to coming into practice - we understand there are many scenarios for using this feature that are independent to you and your teams so we have created a flexible solution which you can incorporate into your established day to day. You can use the scheduling and reminder feature in both the Engage Tool Bar and the Engage Client:


Once you have created your outbound patient message, this can be for either single or multiple recipients, you just need to click on the schedule send box (highlighted in red below) and you can enter the specific date and time you want this to go out.   

Once you click send, the message will be held in a queue until the scheduled time/date comes around then your message will be sent.  Details of the messages you have sent the patient are available in the View Message List section shown below. You will note that the delivery status of this message is Pending, once the scheduled time has elapsed this will change to delivered.  At all times giving you a real time view of your outbound communications to patients 

For audit purpose, if you click into one of the messages it will provide you with data such as time sent, delivery mechanism, how they were notified etc.  You can see by the example below that the patient has not yet been delivered as it is awaiting account creation, your patient will still be notified that they have a message however will not be able to access until they securely create an account.


The reminders feature allows you to follow up on your initial outbound patient message by sending out the same message at pre defined intervals, much the same as if you were setting up regular meetings in your calendar. 

On clicking the Set Reminder button, you will be taken to the below screen where you can enter the frequency and times you wish your reminders to be sent. 

For repeat reminders you will be presented with the below screen and you can populate according to your requirements.

Once again, when your reminders have been set up, you view message list  (as shown below) giving you an exacting record of when and how you have contacted your patient.

Having scheduling and reminders is getting us closer to our goal of Pathways and PROMS being available to you very soon - we hope you like these additions to Engage Consult and as always if you need any help, have a question or any feedback you know where to find us.