There is a requirement to update the Engage Client for this release 10.1.22221.34

Not a lot to share with you as end users in this release as a majority of its changes and fixes are behind the scenes.  You should however be seeing subtle improvements and enhancements to our existing feature set as part of our commitment to iterative improvements.

Enhancement to the Reminder Function 

Following on from the successful release of our "reminders function" and based on feedback received we have now added the option to schedule reminders monthly as well as daily and weekly - this functionality is available in both the Engage Client and the Toolbar.  

Warning when sending 100+ SMS

We all know that mistakes happen, so we have triggered an alert for SMS users which will be triggered when you select to batch 100+ SMS's.  You will be presented with an "are you sure" and then you will then be able to select Yes or No.  If you don't already use our SMS function please do get in touch and we can talk you through this, Engage Consult works with both BT/EE and Firetext SMS gateways which are fully funded by your local CCG.

Gender - Data Capture

On account creation patients will be asked to select their gender as part of the sign up process, for existing users they will have the option to go back into their account and update if required.  


You told us that at times the service was crashing when switching between the toolbar and full client, we do apologise for this and can confirm that the problem has been identified and now fixed.

It appears that when we introduced Single Sign On (SSO) we didnt give you the option of a logout button within the Engage Client itself, again this has been fixed.