Please be advised that an upgrade to the Engage Client IS required for this release

Adding attachments to Outbound Patient Messages from the Clinical System - available to EMIS, TPP Systmone and Cegidim

In this release, all clinical system users will be able to save an attachment to an Outbound Patient Message (OPM) from both the patient clinical record and your local PC.  You can use this for sharing referral letters, test results etc alternatively you could perhaps have a shared drive that you contain practice documentation or advice and guidance.  

When you hover on the attachment icon which is displayed below you will be presented with two options, upload from computer / upload from patient record.  

On selecting Upload from Patient Record, Engage Consult will harvest all of the documents held against your selected patient record.  All document formats are suitable for upload.

Enhanced Upload Health Data = BMI Calculation 

Following this release your patients will now be able to enter their height and weight into the Upload Health Data section of Engage Consult.  

Once this has been received and you click on "send weight and height to clinical" both entries will be available with the associated codes in the patient record.  Your clinical system will do the legwork and calculate patient BMI, this also will be coded.

For those patients who need to have their BMI reviewed on a regular basis why don't you try out the reminder and scheduling functionality within the system, this way your patients will be prompted by Engage Consult to submit their readings on a pre-determined basis, i.e. weekly, monthly etc.  You could even use the bulk messaging function if you have a cohort of patients that require regular observation. 


Fix - Add Questionnaires to Outbound Patient Messaging 

We received some great feedback from some of our users telling us that they didn't like a recent change we have made whereby we removed the list of questionnaires available.  Subsequent to this feedback we have reversed this change but also enhanced this by presenting the user with a predictive dropdown list that they can choose from.  

Sending an Outbound Patient Message When Not Connected to the Clinical

Almost missed telling you about this neat feature as we developed it specifically for our community and secondary care customers in mind.  As a user you are now able to send OPM's out to your patients when not connected to a clinical system. Perhaps for whatever the reason i.e. your clinical system is unavailable or your clinical teams are working remotely, asthma nurse wants to conduct their regular review, smoking cessation want to send out their questionnaires or maybe you just need to send out some surgery notices - this can all be done without the need to be connected to the clinical as long as you have the CSV of patients you are looking to connect with.

Hub Working

On another note, what are you doing about your eHubs ? we are doing some great stuff up and down the country and a number of PCN Hubs are up and running, initial feedback is positive.  Please do get in touch with us if this is something you would like to discuss in more detail.  Really simple set up, the Intelligent Routing and Groups functionality make this a seamless move in that after you are happy with the rules you have established you have an automated way of work flowing your medical, Pharmacy and admin requests.  Brilliant visual below that shows you just how adaptable Engage Consult is within the larger Primary Care settings.