Demand Management 

There is NO requirement to update the Engage Client for this release

The team are making some great progress in migrating the contents of into the Engage Client.  In this release you will see that we have migrated the Demand Management section.  During the migration we have taken the opportunity to enhance this feature to give you some added flexibility and control in terms of splitting out your Medical and Admin requests.  Previously, and due to how Engage Consult was designed your Medical and Admin requests were identical, which in some cases was not a true reflection of the capacity you had in practice or indeed the way you wanted to work.   You now have the option to set up independent availability for Admin and Medical requests.  

You can do this by following the guides below:

Once you select the Demand Management Settings (highlighted in blue above) you will be taken to the following page within the Toolbar where you can update your settings to reflect your current resource availability etc.  

You can see highlighted in red below that we have given you some additional options to configure your Engage Consult as you see appropriate.

For those of you who are promoting usage of the NHS App we can confirm that this functionality will be auto populated to reflect your changes.

In addition, where you have allowed patients to send in a request outside of service hours your patients will be notified that their request will not be looked at until your next defined service hours.

*Dont forget that you need to have full management console access to change your settings.  To ensure your permissions are up to date (for now) you will have to nip back over to > Engage Client > Staff and allocate the appropriate access to your team members.

If you have any questions or require further support around this new functionality please do not hesitate to get in touch.