Upgrade to the Engage Client is required for this release - Vs No 13.4.22348.42 

Upload Health Data 

Health Data Can now be sent directly into the Clinical System without the need to upload and store a PDF, this includes Height, Weight and BP

Audit Logs

Currently when a request fails to attach to the clinical record we display the error in a banner, going forward a record of the failure will be presented as an audit note

Update on Management Console

We are making great progress in migrating your existing settings from my.engage.gp into the Management Console, to help you during this transition phase we have added a link containing guidance on accessing the Management Console 


  • A number of users reported seeing a blank screen in the Engage Tool Bar, unable to identify route cause however this has now been fixed

  • Small number of your patients told us that they were getting stuck in a loop when attempting to complete a questionnaire which you had sent by Outbound Patient Messaging - Fixed

Full details of what's coming next can be found on our Public Facing Roadmap some of the highlights on our roadmap are Structured Data and Simple questionnaires.

Release 87 will be our final release for 2022, to say its been a productive year for Engage Health Systems is an understatement, lets look back and see what we have achieved:

Rls 86 - Migration to AWS from UKCloud 

Rls 85 - Enhanced Demand Management  

Rls 84 - Management Console, Improved Outbound Patient Messaging and Clinical Coding (ACT & BP)

Rls 83 - Adding attachments to Outbound Patient Messaging from the Clinical System

Rls 82 - Enhancing the patient experience

Rls 81 - Gender data capture, efficiencies to SMS activity & general improvements 

Rls 80 - Reminders & Scheduling

Rls 79 - Organisation Message Templates 

Rls 78 - Adding, accepting & refusing a record of a Data Sharing Agreement. 

Rls 77 - Personal Message Templates, Exporting files for bulk Outbound Patient Messaging 

Rls 76 - Improvements to the NHS App for Engage Consult users 

Rls 75 - Intelligent Routing (Digital Receptionist) 

Rls 74 - UI/UX Updates to the Engage Client, Engage Toolbar Message Notifications

Rls 73 - Patient journey 

Rls 72 - Improvements to staff pages (in readiness for our migration to the Management Console)

Rls 71 - Bulk Outbound Patient Messaging and Outbound Patient Messaging by SMS

If you would like any more information on any of the features we have released or are due to release please dont hesitate to get in touch and one of our team will be  more than happy to run through these in more detail anna.baxter@engagehealth.uk