Updated Patient Journey

The patient journey has been updated to follow the NHS style guide which evokes high levels of trust and reassurance for patients using the system. 

We have separated the medical and admin journeys on the patient portal therefore you may wish to update the text on the service buttons at my.engage.gp > Connect > Settings.

Management console

The management console is now available in the web browser and in the desktop version of the Engage Client. So if you have access to the management console you will now find it at it.engage.gp allowing you to update the settings using a web browser.

SystmOne attaching to the clinical record

If you are a SystmOne (TPP) user when you attach to the clinical it will now be uploaded as a single consultation. Please ensure you are on the latest version to receive this update.

New Request view page

The new request view page will be sent out to our beta customers today and then released to all of our customers soon.

You can see our planned future developments HERE if there is anything else you would like to see please let us know