There will be no downtime or requirement to upgrade your existing version

Option to Disable Advanced Questionnaires

Up until now, Engage Consult has presented the patient with an advanced questionnaire (also known as Instant Medical History (IMH) questionnaires) based on the medical problem/s that they enter. You can now disable these advanced questionnaires and present the patient with ICE/custom questions only!

This simplifies the medical consultation journey for your patients and puts you in complete control of the information that you require. You can add as many or as few questions as you like and we provide a default set to get you started.

Improvements to ICE/Custom Questions

The ICE/custom question setup has been moved to the Management Console and you can now make a response required if appropriate.

Option to Disable Finish Now Button

If your organisation uses the advanced questionnaires, you now have the option to remove the 'Finish now' button which allows a patient to send their request without completing the full questionnaire.

Please watch the video below which explains how to use these features. 

Enhanced Bulk Messaging Feature

When sending out a bulk message you can select if that message gets added to the patients clinical record or not. Please watch the video below to see how to use this feature.

Engage Consult Services

We have moved Engage Consult Services into the management console so you can update the patients portal from the Engage Client.  We recommend you update your button text for 'Request help from the surgery' to 'Start an online medical consultation Contact us about a new or existing medical condition.You will notice how the admin and medical consultation journeys are now separated so you have complete configurability over how you want to use Engage Consult. You can remove admin for example to only receive medical requests through Engage Consult! Please watch the video below to find out more!