An update to the Engage Client is required for this release. Please click here to update.

Simple Questionnaires

The first simple questionnaire has been added to our outbound patient messaging feature. So you can now send out to patients a simple questionnaire such as a medication review or smoking status. The responses will come back into the Engage Client with the relevant clinical codes added ready to send to the clinical system.

The medication review questionnaire example is below. Click here to see the questions and related codes.

The smoking status questionnaire example is below.  Click here to see the questions and related codes. 


Readings tab

You can now view any available readings sent in by the patient Via Engage Consult. Select the drop-down list and if that patient has sent through readings previously, you can select them from the drop-down list.

Downloading PDFs in the Engage Client

To download a request as a PDF, select the PDF icon pictured below.

Matching and Verifying Patient's update

From your feedback on the new updated request view, we have updated how you match a patient so you can see the patient's information behind as pictured below.

Photo size Limit

Patients can now upload a regular photo/file without having to worry about file size limits. The system will automatically reduce the file size if necessary to 2MB.

Bug Fixes

We have also fixed various bug fixes reported by customers we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Any questions please send across to