The first simple questionnaire has been added to our outbound patient messaging feature. So, you can now send out to patients a simple questionnaire such as a medication review or smoking status. The responses will come back into the Engage Client with the relevant clinical codes added ready to send to the clinical system. 

First you will need to navigate to the outbound messages tab at the top of the homepage and then select create message from the options list on the left-hand side. 




Select the engage message option, it will then ask if you would like the patient to be notified via email or SMSFrom here you will be asked to 

  • Send to the current patient loaded in your clinical system. 

  • Enter a patient's details and find that patient.  

  • Use Bulk messaging  to send to a group of patients. 



You can use the bulk messaging option to send the simple questionnaire to multiple patients by attaching a csv file from your relevant clinical system. 

Once you have selected the correct patient, you can select whether to manually fill in the patient message or use a pre-set template. You will then be taken to the create outbound message page. 




You will then need to add in patient details as required (the first box will be dependent on which notification method that was selected). After clicking on the questionnaires link, you will be able to add the questionnaire from this section. YOU MUST CLICK ADD FOR THE QUESTIONNAIRE TO BE ADDED TO THE OUTBOUND MESSAGE. 


Once you’ve saved the questionnaire, you be able to schedule reminders, add any attachments and schedule the sending of the message to patient (these are all optional). You can then choose where the response will be directed to and can also set the response to be directed yourself if required. 

Once confirmed, Engage Consult will send a standard notification message to the patient advising them they have a new message from your organisation. When the patient’s accessed the message there’s a Complete Questionnaire button which they click on to answer the questionnaire to send back to you. 


The medication review questionnaire example is below. Click here to see the questions and related codes.

The smoking status questionnaire example is below.  Click here to see the questions and related codes.